All Ellington – All Ellington

CD PBAK0010, 2019

Mark Lotz/Meinrad Kneer ‎- U-ex(perimental)

U-ex(perimental) ERR 17 2011 can listen through evil rabbit records

Paul Termos Double Express – Death Dance of Principles

 CD Geestgronden GG 16, 1997.

Rara Avis – How Do I Listen

Donemus Records released a new album by Rara Avis. An intriguing project. Their way of music-making has evolved into a form of totally improvised chamber music…   

Rasp/Hasp – MixYour Languages

With Wilbert de Joode, Anne LaBerge, Richard Barrett, Paul Lovens. CD Ramboy 19, 2004. Listen to this album on ramboyrecordings.

Spoon 3 – Seductive Sabotage

With Jodi Gilbert, Albert van Veenendaal, Meinrad Kneer. CD ERR #5, 2008. Listen to this album on on evilrabbitsrecords.

Termos Tientet – Shakes and Sounds

 CD Geestgronden 5, 1990.

The Schismatics – Punt/Period

AMF CD 1 1994 CD2 1993-1997.

The Schismatics – Vazen Vol/Vases Full

CD ‘94, AMF.

The Schismatics – We’re So Titanical

EP ‘88 Rongelap.