Vocal Freedom/Improvisation

This workshop focuses on the voice and the unknown regions of the voice; the expansion of the boundaries of vocal possibilities. Through the exploration of extended vocal techniques, improvisational ideas and games based on rhythm, timing, physicality, counterpoint, personal expression and emotion, we will hopefully begin to discover a broader definition of musicality that can expand ones personal musical vocabulary and freedom of expression. 

The workshop will begin with a highly physical and vocal warm-up and move into various exercises focusing on freeing one’s thinking and judgemental mind to discover the expressive and personal voice. Elements of intention, texture, emotion, images, timing, color, timbre, dynamics, and physicality of sound will be employed. We will work on the solo voice towards ensemble work, and in the end, create, through improvisation new vocal works. 

The Singing Body/The Moving Voice

The voice has a body, and the body has a voice. They both involve freedom in movement and breathe, release and responsiveness in muscles and bones and spirit. They both require a freedom from tension and strain in order to find a personal sense of expression and creativity. 

In this workshop we will begin to explore the connection between the body and the voice, through breathing, sounding, relaxation exercises, on the floor, and through the space. We will use vocal exercises, movement exercises, and improvisations to find an individual and group sense of freedom of expression. We will vocalise, growl, grunt, sigh, explore the vast palette of vocal utterances, and yes, at times we may even sing, not with the express thought of performance of a particular style or technique, but to find the pleasure of joyful sound and movement. 

This workshop requires a willingness to explore, to question, to experience, to perhaps accept and overcome the fear of using the voice, of moving freely with the voice, in order to attain some understanding of the kinetic connectivity between the two artistic disciplines. The workshop is open to all dancers, singers, musicians, of all levels. No experience necessary, only an open mind and heart to oneself and to others also willing to explore. 

Balkan Song Workshop/Global Song

Jodi Gilbert  came into contact with the traditional musics of her eastern european grandparents as a teenager, and since that time has been influenced by this music as a singer, and an improviser.  She has taught many workshops in Balkan song in USA, and Europe.

Balkan song is an incredibly rich and varied oral tradition that has been passed down through countless generations. In balkan countries singing accompanied every aspect of life; work and play, happiness and sadness. Those familiar with its sound know that it embodies great emotional intensity, and resonates with people the world over.

In this workshop we will learn and sing some of the beautiful folk songs sung at gatherings  of everyday people in communities around the Balkans.  We will explore the harmonies, melodies, rhythms of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, oa.  Through these soulful songs ( sung in unison or in 2 or 3 part harmony), we’ll explore techniques to open participants’ voices to discover a natural Balkan folkloric timbre.

It is not necessary to read music, it is helpful, but much of the music will be taught by “ear” with just lyric sheets,  sometimes music notation will be used.  Singers of all ages, genders, and levels of experience are welcome! The only prerequisite is the ability to accurately match pitch and solidly hold one’s part when singing in harmony with others.