Over the years I have made large quilts, baby quilts, runners, pot holders, and pillow cases, using accumulated scraps of materials : old shirts, embroidered sleeves, bed clothes, batiks, indonesian sarongs, african prints, remembrances of friends and family, materials found at flea markets, gifted to me, or in some old box that has traversed continents. I think I have always had a fascination for textiles, and bold combination of colors. The quilts are pieced together by machine, but the quilting is all done by hand, painstakingly. Most of the quilts are 100% cotton, washable, and durable, and give much joy in the making and the giving.

Sometimes I have been commissioned to make a quilt. If you are interested, contact me.

Velvet underskin 
soft caress
smooth traction , circuitous route 
the nether world of
warp and weft  
of then and now.
bright textile patterns full of
promises of luscious futures and remembered pasts.

 A rough  tweedy coat covers  unseen scars,
 unseen perhaps, but not unfelt.
 Feet submerged  deeply into the fertile mossy undergrowth of years. 
 Each layer giving forth the many hues of dupion silk 
 which hide a transparent skeleton.
 Bone on bone, muscle on muscle , sinewy and tensile
 Each step, left and right winding 
 like a tendril seeking the  soothing solace of touch and tenderness.

 What consoles the fabric of our lives?
 Cloth lullabies  of river, sky, stars 
 woven together,  a banner of life full of
 nostalgic patterns that repeat in a patchwork of memories.

 It is only here that the stillness that surrounds
 consoles and protects.
 The outer shell of skin warms and conceals.
 Sewn together like a  coat of many colors
 made  up of personality, traits and character
 hopes dreams and regrets.