covid 19 kinda obliterated all gigs for about 1 1/2 year. Did some recording with Rara Avis, digital recording out on Bandcamp, and some rehearsing a bit, but gigs canceled and things put on hold. Hopefully things will start to come back slowly, but surely, and safely.

August 27, 28, 29  Bird of the Inner Eye. Libretto Joan Schirle,  music composition Gina Leishman. Arcata Playhouse, California. Opera based on the writings of artist Morris Graves.

September 4,5 All Ellington Zaandam

September 11 All Ellington TBD

September 21 All Ellington Zaal 100 Amsterdam

October 5 August 38 improvising choir Zaal 100 Amsterdam

October 12 All Ellington Zaal 100 Amsterdam

November 2 August 38 improvising choir Zaal 100 Amsterdam

November 16 All Ellington Zaal 100 Amsterdam

December 5  The Voice Is the Matter. Jazzinverdan in Zaandam.

December 10– August 38 improvising choir, Bijlmer church, Amsterdam

December 11- August 38 improvising choir Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam

December 12-August 38 improvising choir-Splendor, Amsterdam


January 8 All Ellington. Plus Etage Baarle-Nassau

January 10– All Ellington Comedy Cafe, Amsterdam

February 14 Rara Avis, Huis de Pinto, Amsterdam

Little Instruments

May 24- All Ellington Zaal 100, Amsterdam

June 4 August 38 Improvising Choir  Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam

June 9 August 38 Improvising Choir Studio Loos, Den Haag

June 16-21 Something Else Festival Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Sept 4 All Ellington Plus Etage, Baarle-Nassau

Sept 14   double bill  Rara Avis Trio + The Voice is the Matter  BimHuis Amsterdam

October 12  FREEDOM TO MOVE olv Sofia Jernberg, under the auspices of November Music VerkadefabriekBoschdijkstraat 455211 VD ’s-Hertogenbosch

December 30, All Ellington, Bimhuis, Amsterdam


Feb 21 All Ellington, Zaal 100  Amsterdam

Feb 26  August 38 Improvising Choir,  Splendor, Amsterdam

March 18 August 38 Improvising Choir, Sounds of Silence Film Festival, De Nieuwe Regentes, Den Haag

March 21 All Ellington, Zaal 100  Amsterdam

April 18  All Ellington, Zaal 100  Amsterdam

May 15  All Strings,  Rode Tanker Amsterdam

May 23 All Ellington, Zaal 100  Amsterdam

June 8 August 38 Improvising Choir with Sofia Jernberg, Peter Evans,  Bimhuis Amsterdam

June 23/24 Indra’s Net with Meredith Monk at the Holland Festival Amsterdam

June 27 All Ellington, Zaal 100  Amsterdam

September 4, All Strings, Roze Tanker, Amsterdam

September 21 August 38 Improvising Choir Storytellers Festival Utrecht- Het Huis

October 7 Rara Avis Trio  Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam

October 24 All Ellington, Zaal 100 Amsterdam

November 14  Roze Tanker Amsterdam  All Strings

November 17  August 38 Improvising Choir  Willem II Toonzaal, Den Bosch

November 24 Rara Avis Trio `Ramsey Shaffy House Amsterdam

December 30 All Ellington Bimhuis Amsterdam


Feb 2  August 38th improvising  choir- Altered States Festival, den Haag

Feb 13 ALL STRINGS- Roze Tanker Amsterdam  20:00uur

Feb 20 All Ellington,  Zaal 100 Amsterdam

March 10  All Ellington Splendor Amsterdam

Sept 23-Oct 6  Indra’s Net, Meredith Monk, Park Avenue Armory NYC